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Every 5tha of June, the UN World Environment Day aims to stimulate awareness of environmental issues and encourage political action. This event emphasizes the importance of new forms of communication and collaboration for addressing global environmental problems. Acquiring, managing and applying knowledge are crucial steps in ensuring that change is conceived and implemented on both [...]

One of the IDIOM prototypes, the US Election 2008 Web Monitor, has won the category ‘Online Communities, Web 2.0 and Social Networks’ at the Austrian National Award for Multimedia and e-Business. The system includes a social application called ‘Sentiment Quiz’, built on top of the Facebook platform, which follows the tradition of “Games with a [...]

JavaOne is the largest annual gathering of Java developers and an eagerly anticipated opportunity to witness the latest technology trends. At this year’s conference in San Francisco, NASA developers showed that virtual globes are not only suited to explore geographic maps, but can also serve as rendering engines for other types of imagery. Tom Gaskins, [...]

This new application based on IDIOM technology tracks the candidates’ performance on the campaign trail. Weekly snapshots of Web coverage reveal regional differences and contrast the perceptions of different stakeholders.

Web Site: www.ecoresearch.net/election2008
Screen Cast: www.ecoresearch.net/election2008/download

The system gathers content from environmental organizations, blogs, the Fortune 1000, and international media from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and [...]

We are happy to announce the official launch of the Media Watch on Climate Change, an award-winning Geospatial Web application. Google, NASA, ESRI and other technology leaders were sponsoring the 3D Visualization Grand Challenge and attended the awards ceremony held at the University of California at Berkeley on June 7th (www.isde5.org). The Web portal is [...]

The sample chapter of The Geospatial Web, a new edited volume in Springer’s Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing series, documents the significant progress in IDIOM interface technology and is available for download in PDF format. A screenshot of the Climate Change Collaboratory’s current prototype provides a first glimpse of knowledge planets, the new interface metaphor [...]

The IDIOM team invites you to participate in a survey on geospatial information services - i.e., applications based on geospatial platforms such as NASA World Wind, Google Earth, and Microsoft Live Local. The online questionnaire investigates the usage, acceptance and desired functionality of such services. The first 100 participants can win a Fujitsu Siemens Pocket [...]

On January 16th, the best 2006 FIT-IT Research Proposals were presented in Vienna. The festive event at the former Austrian Stock Exchange introduced outstanding projects in five program lines: Embedded Systems, Semantic Systems and Services, Systems on Chip, Visual Computing and Trust in IT Systems. Facing strong competition from a total of 18 submissions in [...]

A full-time position for a doctoral student is available at the Research Institute for Computational Methods of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. The responsibilities of the position comprise the development of algorithms and software components - e.g. document clustering, similarity and redundancy metrics, diffusion models, visualization algorithms, semantic topologies and information landscapes. [...]

We are looking for a student with sound programming skills, preferably in Python and/or Java, and a background in statistics interested in writing an undergraduate thesis in the area of natural language processing and text mining (to be supervised either at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration or Graz University of Technology). For generating [...]

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