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Project Description

IDIOM is a two-year research project funded by FIT-IT Semantic Systems, a program of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology in cooperation with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and Eutema Technology Management. IDIOM aims to:

  • investigate new visual interfaces to create, access and analyze electronic content;
  • reveal fundamental mechanisms of information diffusion across media with distinct interactive characteristics.

Recent advances in collaborative Web technology are governed by strong network effects and the harnessing of collective intelligence through customer-self service and algorithmic data management. As a result, information spreads rapidly across Web sites, blogs, Wiki applications, and direct communication channels between members of online communities who utilize these services. The IDIOM (Information Diffusion across Interactive Online Media) project will support and investigate electronic interactivity by means of a generic, service-oriented architecture. This architecture will include ontology-based tools to build and maintain contextualized information spaces, a framework for analyzing content diffusion and interaction patterns within these spaces, and interface technology that enables users switch between semantic and geospatial topologies. IDIOM introduces Knowledge Planets as a radically new interface metaphor that leverages the new generation of geo-browsing platforms such as NASA World Wind and Google Earth as a front-end for its portfolio of semantic services.

Linguists define “Idiom” as an expression whose meaning is different from the literal meanings of its component words. Similarly, the study of information diffusion promises insights that cannot be inferred from individual network elements. Despite growing research interest, the “Web 2.0” is still dominated by prototypes and mash-ups. At the same time, media monitoring and corporate knowledge management projects lack analytical frameworks, focus on one particular medium, or neglect the dual role of users as consumers and producers of information. IDIOM will address these gaps to reveal fundamental mechanisms of information diffusion across media with distinct interactive characteristics, providing a set of generic services to analyze the production and consumption of electronic content simultaneously.

Contact: Prof Arno Scharl
Know-Center & Graz University of Technology
Knowledge Management Institute


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