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Scientific Partners

MODUL-NMT – The Department of New Media Technology of MODUL University Vienna undertakes interdisciplinary research on knowledge acquisition and management, develops media monitoring and business intelligence applications, and investigates the potential of new media for interactive marketing and building virtual communities. The department’s primary drivers of innovation are: (i) Integration of Semantic and Geospatial Web Technology, (ii) Textual Statistics and Natural Language Processing, (iii) Human-Computer Interaction and Visual Analytics, and (iv) Location-Based Services and Mobile Commerce Applications.

TUG-KMI – The expertise of the Knowledge Management Institute of Graz University of Technology rests upon three main research pillars: semantic-enhanced knowledge discovery, personalization in digital library settings, and knowledge transfer. Semantic-enhanced knowledge discovery deals with questions of how to enrich knowledge (documents, images, videos etc.) with semantics to enhance current discovery technologies. The emphasis is on exploiting semantic Web technologies to either automatically or semi-automatically generate new knowledge on existing knowledge (meta-knowledge). For reasons of consistency, this meta-knowledge is also represented via semantic Web technologies.

WU-CM The Research Institute for Computational Methods of Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration hosts the webLyzard media monitoring project. The project combines a strong theoretical foundation with a terabyte of empirical data gathered since 1999. International collaborations refined the methodology, which received international recognition outside the academic community through the European eContent Tourism Survey for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (initial results were presented at the European Forum Alpbach 2001). Insights gained from the most recent application, the ECOresearch Network’s US Election 2004 Web Monitor, have helped develop the IDIOM research framework.

WU-TLS – The Institute for Tourism and Leisure Studies of Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration has more than 20 years experience in behavioral research, coordinated the SFB “Adaptive Modeling”, and has compiled an extensive database on information seeking behavior and content consumption. WU-TLS has been actively involved in “TourMIS: A Tourism Marketing Information System”, a tourism statistics database and decision support system for European tourism managers (jointly funded by the Austrian National Tourist Office and the European Travel Commission), and in an 5th EU-FWP IST-2000-28705 project to develop an intelligent travel recommender system (DietoRECS).

Industry Partners

GENTICS Gentics Software GmbH is an independent company and the leading Austrian developer of standard software for high-end content management and Web portal solutions. The company was founded in 2000 and has participated successfully in Austrian and European markets ever since. An experienced management team, highly trained developers and skillful consultants are responsible for Gentics’ innovative potential and economic stability. The competence of Gentics has also been recognised by external organisations. GENTICS won the prize for the best startup company 2003 by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, for example, and the Golden Arrow for the best IT consulting company 2005 by com.sult 05.

PRISMA – The PRISMA solutions EDV Dienstleistungen GmbH is an SME with 20 employees that focuses on developing and applying state-of-the-art GIS technology. PRISMA provides thematic know-how and expertise in specific fields, as well as technological support. The company has gained extensive experience in the development of specialized GIS solutions on the municipal, provincial and national level, as well as for private companies. The PRISMA personnel integrates research experience (Technical University Vienna, University of Salzburg, University of Agriculture in Vienna) and many years of practical experience in basic research and integrated application development for public bodies.

AIS – The Austria.info Systems GmbH was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) with the goal to support and enhance all ANTO activities and processes with efficient information and communication technologies. The company orients itself along the following guidelines: Client-oriented service, market-worthy products, growth-oriented strategies, benefits for clients through joint campaigns (synergy effects). The aim is to act as decentralized as possible, and as centralized as necessary. ANTO has developed from the biggest service organization in Austria’s local tourism industry to one of the most influential players in the European leisure industry.

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