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Every 5th of June, the UN World Environment Day aims to stimulate awareness of environmental issues and encourage political action. This event emphasizes the importance of new forms of communication and collaboration for addressing global environmental problems. Acquiring, managing and applying knowledge are crucial steps in ensuring that change is conceived and implemented on both regional and society-wide scales. Following two and a half years of active research and development work, the relaunch of the Media Watch on Climate Change not only brings the IDIOM project to a successful close, but also represents an important piece in the puzzle to increase transparency, create shared meaning and support sustainable processes.

To improve environmental awareness and help users access topical and relevant information, the Media Watch on Climate Change provides a comprehensive and continuously updated account of online media coverage on climate change and related issues. The portal aggregates, filters and visualizes environmental content from the Web sites of various stakeholders: 150 Anglo-American news media sites, blogs, environmental organizations, and the corporate sector. The user manual contains a detailed description of the portal’s search functionality, trend charts and visual exploration features.

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