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The sample chapter of The Geospatial Web, a new edited volume in Springer’s Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing series, documents the significant progress in IDIOM interface technology and is available for download in PDF format. A screenshot of the Climate Change Collaboratory’s current prototype provides a first glimpse of knowledge planets, the new interface metaphor that is central to IDIOM’s aim of integrating geospatial and semantic topologies.

This book describes a wide range of information services built on top of geobrowsers. The role of contextual knowledge in shaping the emerging network society receives particular attention. The IDIOM project extracts such contextual knowledge automatically by processing Web documents, user profiles and other electronic sources to identify relevant content for its collaborative platforms.

In addition to the mentioned sample chapter on “Media Platforms for Managing Geotagged Knowledge Repositories“, the book’s Web site provides the table of contents, preface and foreword, 25 chapter abstracts, and author biographies.


  • Arno Scharl, Klaus Tochtermann (Eds.): The Geospatial Web - How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society. Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series. London: Springer (2007).

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