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Call for Book Chapters

THE GEOSPATIAL WEB - How Geo-Browsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society


You are cordially invited to submit chapters for an upcoming book on the Geospatial Web, published by Springer in the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series. The book will present the technical foundations of the Geospatial Web, investigate information services and collaborative environments built on top of geo-browsers like Google Earth and NASA World Wind, and explore the economic, social and environmental impacts of such knowledge-intensive applications. Geo-browsers are an ideal platform to integrate (i) cartographic data such as topographic maps and street directories, (ii) geo-tagged knowledge repositories aggregated from public online sources or intra-organizational systems, and (iii) environmental indicators such as emission levels and air quality, ozone concentrations, and biodiversity density.

At least three interrelated forces drive the global demand for environmental information: the urgency and scope of environmental problems, the increasingly active character of civil society, and advances in information and communication technology. Disseminating environmental information via the Geospatial Web can enhance public knowledge and build awareness about the interdependency of economic, social and environmental issues. We therefore specifically invite submissions in an environmental context. Possible topics for submissions in this category include but are not limited to: Applications of the Geospatial Web to increase environmental awareness and catalyze environmental communication, support of NGOs and environmental online communities (e.g. matchmaking services, decision support, efficient access to environmental information), environmental education initiatives, environmental monitoring, policy support, emergency response simulations, crisis and disaster management, etc.


Oct 10, 2006: Paper Submission Deadline
Nov 01, 2006: Notification of Acceptance
Dec 01, 2006: Camera-ready Copy of Final Chapters Due
May 31, 2007: Publication
Arno Scharl, Klaus Tochtermann; Know-Center & Graz Univ of Technology
Knowledge Management Institute, Inffeldgasse 21a, A-8010 Graz, Austria
www.know-center.at | kmi.tugraz.at | www.ecoresearch.net

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